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Charity and Fund Raising


  • We are supporting MAF this year please look out for our fun and exciting fun raisers!
  • Harvest Festival - thank you all for your generous gifts of food this year - all donations have been given to The Folkestone Rainbow Centre who are running a great foodbank for local people.



At St Martins, we believe every individual belongs to our school family as well as God’s family.

We made a conscienous decision not to ask our families for any financial contribution to Charity this year because of the Energy crisis and with children we tried to think how we could help our families cope with the rasing cost of living that was causing lots of financial hardship.

  • We decided to start to recycle good quality school uniform so parents would not have to spend their money on new uniform 
  • We tried to think of ways to show that we cared for others and some students chose to spend their break and lunch times over the course of the year making bookmarks.  The students wanted to make a difference to our school community. 
  • The students chose to give book marks to the helpers of the Salvation Army in Hythe, who had kindly donated free Christmas gifts to some of our families who were struggling to buy their children Christmas presents. The children wanted to give back to show we appreciated them as a token of our thanks. 
  • Some bookmarks were given people living with dementia in our local area. The lady who distributed them told me how pleased the people were, that the children had made something so special for them.
  • Bookmarks were given to the teachers and once again they were thrilled to have been thought of by the children. 

Harvest food was donated to our local Foodbank for families who are struggling in our local area.

There was a donation bucket at Christmas for Pilgrims hospital and we still had the poppies for sale Rememberance Day. 




Children in Need £195.85

NSPCC:  £119.10

Ukraine:  £433.81 & £309.59

Red Nose Day: £179.10

Pilgrims Hospice:  £403.16

Tiny Toes:  £153.08

Canterbury Hospital Cancer Ward:  £188.10

Poppy Appeal:   £210.87

Tusk Trust Limited: £140.78

Lord Whisky Animal Sanctuary: £175.20


Total money raised this year for the above charities ..............................£2508.64 !! 

A big thank you to our Year 6 Charity Monitors who worked tirelessly throughout the year encourging and supporting the younger children to raise money for their chosen charity.

Pictures of children raising funds


Despite Covid restrictions this year, we still raised a total of £653.33 for charity:

Comic Relief = £179.10

Captain Tom = £203.00

Save the Children = £39.75

Poppy Appeal = £231.73



Charity and Fund Raising

2018-2019  GIFTS smiley

Harvest Festival was held in St Martin's Church Each class performed a Harvest song, play, dance or poem. Each child brought in Harvest Gifts which were donated to the Rainbow Centre.

The Children kindly brought in donations of stationary for Miss White to take out to two schools in Cambodia through the organisation - Mission Direct.

We raised the following amounts for charity:-


Sports Relief                    Tag day                                                   £144.07

Poppy Appeal                   Donations                                              £106.17

Children in Need              Tag day                                                   £175.00

MAF                                    Bake off & Areoplane flying                £468.12

Save the Children             Christmas Jumper                                £ 91.00

NSPCC                               Christmas Jumper                                £ 91.00

Pilgrims Hospice               Christmas collections                         £175.72

Samuel Plimsoll  RNLI      Wearing their own trainers                 £122.50

Burkina Faso                      £2.00 Challange                                   £432.34 

Pilgrims                               Toblerone raffle                                  £   74.40

Guide Dogs for the Blind   Two pupils independantly raised      £  51.10

                                                         TOTAL SO FAR ................ £1931.42


Harvest Festival was held in St Martin's Church Each class performed a Harvest song, play, dance or poem. Each child brought in Harvest Gifts which were donated to the Rainbow Centre.


We raised the following amounts for charity:-

Guide dogs for the blind      Apple pressing/Tag day           £419.00

Children in Need                   Tag day/party                            £419.00

The Royal British Legion     Poppy appeal                            £182.95

Multiple Sclerosis Society   Y6 fundraising                          £329.05 

Pilgrims Hospice                   Cream Tea                                £267.60 

Pilgrims Hospice                   Evie's sponsored walk            £695.00

Pilgrims Hospice                   Christmas collections             £294.00

Save the Children                  Christmas jumper day            £178.56

Plimsoll Day                           Tag day for RNLI                     £144.00

Sports Relief                           Sponsored run                        £144.37

NSPCC                                     Sponsored run                       £169.27

Kent MS Therapy Centre        Choir & Year 4 recording       £

             Total so far this academic year  £3242.80


We raised the following amounts for these Charities:


Red, White and Blue Day:     Tag Day                       £ 206.00

Poppy Appeal                           Collection                  £  62.24

British Heart Foundation        Skipping Challenge   £ 585.00

Testimony Faith Homes          Smartie Challenge     £ 585.50

Children in Need                      Pudsey Party & Tag Day   £ 405.00

Save the Children                    Christmas Jumper Day      £ 194.53

Testimony Faith Homes         Friendship Braclets/Bookmarks/Games    £   83.33

Testimony Faith Homes         Christmas  Raffle          £   75.00

Pilgrims                                    Christmas Collections £ 435.00

Pilgrims                                    Big Breakfast                £   33.00

Littlestone lifeboats                Plimsoll Tag Day           £ 176.00

Action for Homeless               Toy sale                         £ 281.36

Testimony Faith Homes         Sponsored cycle ride    £ 387.20

Comic Relief                            Tag Day & sponsored cycle ride  £ 574.82

  £ 4083.98



As a school we support a range of local, national and international charities, the children are really enthusiastic about raising money and we encourage their involvement.


Kenya compressed.mp4

Still image for this video


Since September 2015 we have supported a number of charities through Fund Raising or practical activities.  So far this year we have raised: £4414.17


Pilgrims Hospice: Tea and Cake Event                                                     £328.68

Service Charities: Red, White and Blue Day                                             £209.00

Child in Need: 10 pence spots and Pudsey Party                                     £480.44

Royal British Legion: Poppy Appeal                                                          £154.74

Dreamflight: Christmas Concert collections                                             £330.30

Pilgrims Hospices:  Christmas Concert collections                                 £338.30

Macmillan, Make a Wish, Save the Children: Christmas Jumper Day     £211.00

RSPCA:    St Martin's Week                                                                            £79.77

Dreamflight: St Martin's Week                                                                     £37.27

Testimony Faith Home (Kenya): St Martin's Week                                   £104.03

Monkey Life:   St Martin's Week                                                                   £20.30

Owl Sanctury: Greenfingers and Nature Club visit                                       £46.00

Tijuana Mexico Appeal                                                                                 £1349.13              

Comic Relief                                                                                                    £262.00

Jessica Kill: Year 4 Busking and bracelets                                                  £185.26

Camo Day                                                                                                         £277.95

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