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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Mrs E Carter: Executive Headteacher

Mr R Martin: Head Of School/Inclusion Manager


MIss L Rhodes: Year R Teacher (Miss S Jull - Maternity cover Terms 5/6)

Miss Z Ojukwu: Year 1 Teacher

Miss E Mauger: Year 2 Teacher

Miss S Butcher: Year 3 Teacher

Miss C Gibson: Year 4 Teacher

Mr N Annakie: Year 5 Teacher

Miss S Johnson: Year 6 Teacher

Mrs H Terris: Intervention Teacher and Primary Languages Teacher

Mrs E Scrivener:  Intervention Teacher

Mrs N Binks:  Intervention Teacher


Higher Level Teaching Assistants: Mrs D Allen, Mrs W Keeler, Mrs A Burles


Teaching Assistants: Mrs T Bowman, Mrs E Brunton, Mrs C Clapp, Mrs E Colley,

Mrs N Lama, Mrs N Murrock, Miss J Maynard, Mrs A Pilgrim, Miss C Sutton, Mrs E Whyte


Family Liaison Officer: MIss P White

Service Family Liaison Officer: Mrs N Lama


Office Staff: Mrs A Dalton


Business Manager: Mrs S Pilcher


Caretaker: Mr S Pilcher


Midday Supervisors: Mrs T Bowman, Mrs J Dowling, Mrs M Motayne, Mrs C Turrell, Miss M Woodage


Breakfast Club Staff: Mrs T Bowman,Mrs L Lama, Mrs M Motayne,  Mrs P Mason, Mrs C Turrell,