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Charity and Fund Raising


Harvest Festival was held in St Martin's Church Each class performed a Harvest song, play, dance or poem. Each child brought in Harvest Gifts which were donated to the Rainbow Centre.


We raised the following amounts for charity:-

Guide dogs for the blind      Apple pressing/Tag day           £419.00

Children in Need                   Tag day/party                            £419.00

The Royal British Legion     Poppy appeal                            £182.95

Multiple Sclerosis Society   Y6 fundraising                          £329.05 

Pilgrims Hospice                   Cream Tea                                £267.60 

Pilgrims Hospice                   Evie's sponsored walk            £695.00

Pilgrims Hospice                   Christmas collections             £294.00

             Total so far this academic year  £2606.60

Decorating the Christmas tree at Pilgrims Hospice this Christmas

Decorating the Christmas tree at Pilgrims Hospice this Christmas 1


We raised the following amounts for these Charities:


Red, White and Blue Day:     Tag Day                       £ 206.00

Poppy Appeal                           Collection                  £  62.24

British Heart Foundation        Skipping Challenge   £ 585.00

Testimony Faith Homes          Smartie Challenge     £ 585.50

Children in Need                      Pudsey Party & Tag Day   £ 405.00

Save the Children                    Christmas Jumper Day      £ 194.53

Testimony Faith Homes         Friendship Braclets/Bookmarks/Games    £   83.33

Testimony Faith Homes         Christmas  Raffle          £   75.00

Pilgrims                                    Christmas Collections £ 435.00

Pilgrims                                    Big Breakfast                £   33.00

Littlestone lifeboats                Plimsoll Tag Day           £ 176.00

Action for Homeless               Toy sale                         £ 281.36

Testimony Faith Homes         Sponsored cycle ride    £ 387.20

Comic Relief                            Tag Day & sponsored cycle ride  £ 574.82

  £ 4083.98



As a school we support a range of local, national and international charities, the children are really enthusiastic about raising money and we encourage their involvement.


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Since September 2015 we have supported a number of charities through Fund Raising or practical activities.  So far this year we have raised: £4414.17


Pilgrims Hospice: Tea and Cake Event                                                     £328.68

Service Charities: Red, White and Blue Day                                             £209.00

Child in Need: 10 pence spots and Pudsey Party                                     £480.44

Royal British Legion: Poppy Appeal                                                          £154.74

Dreamflight: Christmas Concert collections                                             £330.30

Pilgrims Hospices:  Christmas Concert collections                                 £338.30

Macmillan, Make a Wish, Save the Children: Christmas Jumper Day     £211.00

RSPCA:    St Martin's Week                                                                            £79.77

Dreamflight: St Martin's Week                                                                     £37.27

Testimony Faith Home (Kenya): St Martin's Week                                   £104.03

Monkey Life:   St Martin's Week                                                                   £20.30

Owl Sanctury: Greenfingers and Nature Club visit                                       £46.00

Tijuana Mexico Appeal                                                                                 £1349.13              

Comic Relief                                                                                                    £262.00

Jessica Kill: Year 4 Busking and bracelets                                                  £185.26

Camo Day                                                                                                         £277.95

Harvest Festival

Our Harvest Festival was held in St Martin's Church and led by Rev David Adlington, the Area Dean.  Each class performed a Harvest song, play, dance or poem and the children led prayers.   Each child brought in Harvest Gifts which, together wit the church congregations gifts, were donated to the Shepway Food Bank.

Pilgrims Hospice

We held a Tea and Cake Event which was attended by pupils and parents/carers. There was a Tombola, a Book Sale and other stalls.  We raised £328.68.


Red, White and Blue Day

By paying £1 to come to school wearing Red, White and Blue  we raised £208 for the following charities which support members of the military and their families:

Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity

ABF The Soldiers' Charity

Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund


We raised money by collecting 10 pence pieces and seeing how many 10p spots we could put on Pudsey.  After school the staff organised a Pudsey Party where we were able to make Pudsey hats, decorate cakes, make Pudsey pictures, dance and  play games on the playground.  We also had a hot dog and a drink. We raised £381.00 in total!



In the academic year 2014-2015 we raised a total of £3381.06 for charity.

Get Kids Going : fundraising for MRs Robins running the Great North Run                                       £95.17

Pilgrim’s Hospice Coffee and Cake Event                                                                                                £279.00

Children in Need Tag Day                                                                                                                           £212.00

Forces Charities : Red, White, Blue Day                                                                                                   £195.00

Pilgrims Hospice: donation by Miss Blunt instead of payment for teaching                                     £500 .00                     

British Heart Foundation: Wear Red Day                                                                                               £ 218.00

Owl Sanctuary: (Greenfingers and Nature Club)                                                                                      £48.60

Eliminate Leukaemia Fund: Christmas Concert collections                                                                  £629.83

Comic Relief - Make Your Face Funny for Money mask competition                                          £205.00

British Legion Poppy Appeal                                                                                                                £218.54

Nepal Earthquake Appeal - 10 pence piece Mountain Challenge                                                 £358.00

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome : Black and White Day                                                                               £201.00

Pilgrims Hospice: Cake Sale                                                                                                                     £31.60

Cancer Research UK : Cake Sale                                                                                                              £31.60

Great Ormond Street : Cake Sale supporting Mrs Robins running the Great South Run              £31.60

ARRCC (Activities, Respite, Rehabilitation Care Centres): Cake Sale                                                 £31.60

Action Cerebral Palsy: Collection at Year 6 play                                                                                     £94.51