St Martin's Church of England Primary School

‘Faith and Endeavour - We believe and do our best’

Term 2

Making a sledge

The Nativity

The return of Evil Pea!

Putting up and decorating our Christmas tree

Th Jolly Postman- delivering our letters to Santa

A child in our class found out about the ship The Titanic at home. He told us that it was really big so we thought we would find out how big it was. We measured our playground using trundle wheels and found out that it was bigger than our playground. We also made models of the ship. 

Our first stay and read session

We dressed up in really bright clothes and we explored the importance of wearing bright clothes when it starts to get dark. We made dark dens and we also designed and made bright clothing for our class puppets to wear. 

Be Bright Be Seen day

Making our own shops

Following instructions to make jam sandwiches

In class, we read the story 'Star in the Jar'. It is about a boy who finds a lost star and he tries to get it back into space. When we went outside there were lots of lost stars so we had to think of ways to get them back into space. We wrote messages to tell the other stars where they were and luckily this worked. The stars found their way back home! 
This week we have been learning about 2D shapes. We went on a shape hunt outside to find 2D shapes and we were able to name them. We also had a challenge from Charlie the firefighter to squirt some 2D shapes with water. In class, we have been making our own pictures with 2D shapes. 
We had a tag day to raise money for MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship). They use planes to help people who are in remote places. We dressed up as people who help us and we showed what they do to help others. In the afternoon, we met some PCSOs who told us how they help people in the community. 
This week, we read the story Pumpkin Soup. We acted out the story and made our own soup using autumn ingredients. We even got to make some pumpkin soup and we tasted it. It was important to follow the recipe carefully and to take it in turns to stir. 
This week, we set up a bike shop so that we could repair broken bikes. We also tested our bike riding skills to get our bike licenses. We had to look carefully at road signs and even ride around a roundabout!

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