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‘Faith and Endeavour - Living and Learning together’

Christian Distinctiveness

Our School Vision Statement


FAITH AND ENDEAVOUR - Living and learning together


Our faith in God inspires us to endeavour to be the best we can be in our learning and in our lives.  We believe God loves us equally, so we value each individual because we know that our lives matter, we have a purpose and can make a difference.



St Martin’s Values and Ethos

Our Christian faith is the foundation of who we are and all we do at St Martin’s. Through the message of the gospel and the example of Jesus Christ we seek to be a school that champions the individual and also builds a community of learners who work hard and with integrity.


Our aim is that every child will leave this school knowing that they-

● Are valued. Every child is important, unique, worthy of respect and has equal rights

● Belong. Every child will know acceptance and love in our school community.

● Have a purpose.


Through our strong and supportive community every child will learn the importance of being a good citizen, both locally and globally, and realise the impact that they are able to make upon the world around them. ‘The Lord has told you what is good. He has told you what he wants from you: Do what is right to other people. Love being kind to others. And live humbly, trusting your God.’ Micah 6:8 The Bible passage in Micah gives us simple guidelines for living.


At St Martin’s, faith and endeavour are central to our school: Faith in God drives us as individuals and as a community. Endeavour is an old fashioned word meaning to try hard to do, or attempt to achieve something. We work hard at everything we do; we promote the endeavours of all within the community: pupils, staff and parents alike. Additionally, as a church school, we also value and promote Christian endeavour: the efforts and actions that seek to do what it says in the passage in Micah- to do what is right, be kind and live humbly. The parable of The Good Samaritan helps us to further understand how God wants us to treat one another by showing love to all, putting others first and going the extra mile to help those in need. Christian endeavour is shown (and celebrated) in our school through the outworking of our core values: love, forgiveness, compassion, wisdom and perseverance.


Adding to our school Christian values


Over the course of the last year we have really begun to unpack how our Christian values of love, compassion, forgiveness, wisdom and perseverance can impact our community and our own lives as individuals.  If our school was a stick of rock, at the centre and running throughout everything we do are our core Christian values.  And these values have real meaning, in our every day lives we notice when we need to show love or compassion to one another.  Or forgiveness when others hurt us, or when we make unhelpful choices.  Wisdom and perseverance are central to our understanding of how we learn and change and evolve both as learners and as human beings, we learn through watching others, through experience, through making mistakes and trying again.

But in the last few months since we have returned from lockdown, another Christian value has become apparent as something that we at St Martins hold in high esteem and that is the value of hope.  The message of Jesus: of forgiveness, justice and mercy leads us to know that in all things there is hope.  A fresh chance, a new opportunity, a clean slate every day.  On return from lockdown, the children really demonstrated that renewed hope- after a very difficult time, they have come back with energy and vitality and a commitment to be the best they can be!

So, with the children’s encouragement and endorsement, we have chosen to add hope to our chosen Christian values at St Martin’s.  We know that our community is wonderful and can’t wait to celebrate all the countless ways in which they offer hope to others and embrace hope for their own lives too!



Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Wisdom, Perseverance and Hope


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