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Term 3

Term 3

Our topic for the next two terms The Ancient Romans. We will be discovering the impact the Romans had on life in Britain. We will be exploring the Roman Empire, its army, ruling systems and their invasion and settlement of Britain. Year 4 will investigate Roman culture including: religion, entertainment, daily life, homes, architecture, mosaics and artwork. We will discover what legacy the Romans left behind and how they shaped our present lives.

Throughout science this term we will be looking into how electricity is generated, supplied and used. We will also be creating our own circuits using a range of equipment, scientific diagrams and identifying which objects are insulators or conductors.


PE this term will be basketball and gymnastics. In basketball we will be improving our understanding of team sports, spacing, skills and rules. During gymnastics the class will be focusing on travelling, rolling, balancing, jumping and use of some equipment. Basketball will be on Mondays at the sports centre and gymnastics will be on Wednesdays in the hall. Additionally, this term we will be learning the rules of Handball as a class for a future tournament.


PE Kits needed on Mondays and Wednesdays this term.


Home learning – Learn spellings from personalised spelling mats and complete a Bloom’s grid activity every two weeks. Below is a copy of the Ancient Roman Bloom’s Grid.


Don’t forget on our Class 4 main page there are a range of additional home learning sites to support learning at home.

Ancient Roman Bloom's Grid

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