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Term 3

Tuesday 6th February


This week we shared the story behind Chinese New Year, we discussed how the sneaky rat was the first animal to have a year named after him because he was cheeky and rode on the Ox's back to win a race across the river.  The children were very clear that this was unfair and we wrote letters to the rat explaining that this was cheating and he should say sorry! 


We also looked at ways in which Chinese New Year is celebrated and compared it with some other celebrations that we are familiar with.  We watched a video of a dragon dance and some of us were inspired to create dragon inspired art!  We also enjoyed having a taste of some Chinese food.  Lots of the children tried spring rolls and won tons, chow mein noodles and egg fried rice.  The prawn crackers were also very popular and some of the children even had a try of the spicy seaweed!


We enjoyed a brief flash of snow and made the most of the small dump of it that we got in our outdoor area.  We enjoyed warming up inside afterwards though!

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Wednesday 31st January

What a busy few days already this week! We have been to the vets to learn about what they do help owners look after their pets and keep them well.  Then we had a Meet the Pets session in class where we could bring in some small pets and others brought in photos of the larger animals we had.  The children loved discussing what pets they had and what each pet liked or needed to be well looked after.  

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Wednesday 17th January


This week we kicked off our topic of People Who Help Us by looking at the Emergency Services and the roles of the people who do these important jobs. We found out about the different equipment and uniforms and discussed why they had similar looking uniform but what items were different and important to each job. Our hospital role play has continued to be very popular, with many doctors, surgeons and nurses performing very important duties for their patients. We looked at what an X-ray was and discussed what our skeletons were. We sang and learned a skeleton dance and had a go at recreating an x-ray of a hand using cotton wool buds.

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Wednesday 10th January


Welcome back and happy new year to you all!


The class have kick-started the year by exploring the theme of winter.  We have looked at wintry pictures and discussed how it feels or what it would be like to be there.  The children have used good descriptive language to describe frost and ice.  We shared a poem about Jack Frost and some children made super Jack Frost inspired wintry collages.  Others had fun exploring the frozen hands with paint and glitter.  We also began thinking about our main topic this term which is People Who Help Us.  We discussed some of the well known helping professions and the children have helped to change our role play area into a hospital.  We have had lots of broken arms and legs come in to the hospital to be mended. The doctors and nurses are kept very busy!

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